A Comparative Study of Anti-rectangular AG-groupoids and Commutative Semigroups


  • I. Ahmad University of Malakand
  • A. Rauf University of Malakand
  • M. Khan University of Malakand


In this paper, anti-rectangular AG-groupoids are studied. Some properties of anti-rectangular AGgroupoid
are investigated via a concise study of its super classes. Furthermore, various conditions are
explored under which an anti-rectangular AG-groupoid becomes commutative and hence a commutative
semigroup. Alternatively, the paper is a pleasant contribution to the theory of commutative semigroups.
Moreover, using the latest computational techniques of Prove-9 and Mace-4 a variety of examples and
counterexamples are provided to depict various produced results.

Author Biographies

I. Ahmad, University of Malakand

Department of Mathematics,  Chakdara Dir (L)

A. Rauf, University of Malakand

Department of Mathematics,  Chakdara Dir (L)

M. Khan, University of Malakand

Department of Mathematics,  Chakdara Dir (L)



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I. Ahmad, A. Rauf, and M. Khan, “A Comparative Study of Anti-rectangular AG-groupoids and Commutative Semigroups”, The Nucleus, vol. 57, no. 1, pp. 21–26, Sep. 2020.




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