Efficient Control Design for the Single Phase Grid Tie Inverter Using Wave Shape Coping Pulse Width Modulation Technique


  • A. B. Taj NUTECH, University
  • M. Ahmad (Islamabad Campus)


The aim of this paper is to achieve the efficient control design for a single phase grid tie inverter (GTI)
using PROTEUS Professional software and its practical implementation. Unique thought is given to the
way that, dissimilar to customary standalone inverters, GTI are required to satisfy the demands
associated with each phase of the grid. Photovoltaic module and single-phase GTI both are tied together
using an inverter. In this paper we have got the reference voltage from the main grid using operational
amplifier, Wave Shape Coping Pulse Width Modulation (WSPWM) technique is applied with
PIC16F877A microcontroller and IR2110 gate driver which drive the MOSFET IRF840 after
appropriate filtering and control the power supply to the grid with appropriate isolation. The functional
testing of the single phase GTI has been performed successfully when DC-AC conversion occurs. Beside
the ability of GTI, its frequency and output voltage had consistent fluctuations due to the change in
frequency and grid voltage. Another feature of the GTI is that if the power from electrical grid is zero,
the inverter will stop the process of inversion and just supply zero voltage output at that time.
Accordingly, quick shut down of DC-AC process of inversion happens if there arises a sudden dark out
period. It is worth mentioning that the designed GTI cannot be operated without reference voltage of the
grid and connected directly to PV solar panels.

Author Biographies

A. B. Taj, NUTECH, University

Electrical Engineering Department NUTECH University

M. Ahmad, (Islamabad Campus)

Preston University Kohat



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A. B. Taj and M. Ahmad, “Efficient Control Design for the Single Phase Grid Tie Inverter Using Wave Shape Coping Pulse Width Modulation Technique”, The Nucleus, vol. 57, no. 2, pp. 56–61, Nov. 2020.




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