Propagation of Ion-acoustic Shocks in Electron-positron-ion Magnetoplasmas with Non-extensivity and Rotational Effects


  • N. Imtiaz PINSTECH, P.O.Nilore, Islamabad
  • S. Hussain PINSTECH, P.O.Nilore, Islamabad
  • Q. Haque PINSTECH, P.O.Nilore, Islamabad


Nonlinear electrostatic shock structures in dissipative magneto-rotating electron-positron-ion (e-p-i) plasmas with warm ions, non-thermal electrons and positrons following the q-nonextensive velocity distribution are investigated. The Korteweg de Vries Burger (KdVB) equation which describes the dynamics of the nonlinear shock structures is derived by using small amplitude reductive perturbation technique. The quantitative analysis of different physical parameters on the shock structures is presented here. It is found that the shock structures are sensitive to the Coriolis force, obliqueness, entropic indices of electrons and positrons (qe and qp), ions temperature, positrons temperature and to the positrons concentration. This study would be helpful to understand the dynamics of the shock structures in the subextensive and superextensive plasmas with warm ions such as astrophysical and space environment.

Author Biographies

N. Imtiaz, PINSTECH, P.O.Nilore, Islamabad

Theoretical Physics Division

S. Hussain, PINSTECH, P.O.Nilore, Islamabad

Theoretical Physics Division




Q. Haque, PINSTECH, P.O.Nilore, Islamabad

Theoretical Physics Division


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N. Imtiaz, S. Hussain, and Q. Haque, “Propagation of Ion-acoustic Shocks in Electron-positron-ion Magnetoplasmas with Non-extensivity and Rotational Effects”, The Nucleus, vol. 53, no. 2, pp. 114–120, Nov. 2017.




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