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Accepted Articles

Volume 51 (2014)

Volume 50 (2013)

Volume 49 (2012)

Volume 48 (2011)

Volume 47 (2010)

Volume 46 (2009)

Volume: 51 (3) 2014

Elastic Properties of Lanthanum Modified Lead Zirconate Titanate Ferroelectric Ceramics

G. Shabbir

Combined Synchrotron X _ ray and Neutron Powder Diffraction Studies of Ba2InSbO6 Ordered Double Perovskite
R. Shaheen, J. Bashir, M.N. Khan and K. Shahzad

Production of Bulk Amorphous Steels and Their Characterization
M. Iqbal, W.H. Wang

A Two Step Emperical Method for the Determination of Effective Thermal Conductivity of Multi-Phase Porous Solids

G. Shabbir

Adsorption of Heavy Metals by Bio-Chars Produced from Pyrolysis of Paper Mulberry from Simulated Industrial Wastewater

S. Adil, A. Mashiatullah, M. Asma, A. Ghaffar, S. Khan and J. Abid

Spatial Interpolation of the Frequential Distribution of Thunderstorm and Rainfall over Balochistan, Pakistan

N. Sadiq, H. Naz

A Review of Application of Genetic Algorithm in Solving Unit Commitment Problem

S.B.A. Bukhari, A. Ahmad, S.A. Raza

Area Efficient Radix 42 64 Point Pipeline FFT Architecture Using Modified CSD Multiplier

F. Siddiq, H. Jamal, T. Muhammad and M. Iqbal

Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Filters Using a Novel Technique of Matrix Inversion
U. Khan, N.A. Khan, Y. Khan, N. Khan and S. Nadeem

Diacritics Recognition Based Urdu Nastalique OCR System

S. Nazir, A. Javed

Performance Comparison of a WDM PON with TDM PON At 10 GBPS

M. Usman, M. Zafrullah , M.F. Awan

Case Study of Energy Saving in an Industrial Setup by Replacing Conventional Bulbs with LED Lights
S. Khanam, A. Hanif

Manufacturing Flexibility and Agility: A Distinctive Comparison
A. Ali, M. Jahanzaib, H. Aziz

Validation of EUREKA-2/RR Code for Analysis of Pulsing Parameters of TRIGA Mark II Research Reactor in Bangladesh

M.H. Altaf, N. H. Badrun, M. J. H. Khan

A Modified Model of Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator for Wind Turbine Applications
M.M. Ashraf, T.N. Malik

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